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Welcome to, the worldwide website for dating and romantic connections.

Our site is for single heterosexual adults over eighteen years of age, who are looking for the partner of their dreams.

We carefully select single and unattached members for our site, which are normal, educated and responsible people.

We have offices in the UK and in Recife, which is Brazil's fourth largest city, so many of our members are from Recife.

Our membership is FREE and after you join you can enter your details and photographs on to our site. Then you can send messages to your favourite contacts in Recife and all around the world!

We also offer an advanced 'full member option' which allows greater use of the services, including instant messaging chat.

When you have decided on a partner that suits you within our pages, study their details, and start sending messages. For a start you can send them a simple message to say that 'you fancy them' .. later you can become more involved it's up to you how far you go. Just communicate and have fun !

When you join there will be no problems with language and communication, because we also provide a full translation service in our Members Area and chatrooms.

So please browse our website and discover the details and personal statistics of many new and exciting people !

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